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Total Health


We successfully reinvent the aspects of your life that are vital to overall health and wellness.

Nutrition and a healthy, long-lasting relationship with food.


Weight and an understanding of the importance of body composition.


Fitness and the importance of finding enjoyable and sustainable physical activities.


Sleep and understanding the role it plays in restoring and re-energizing the body.


Stress management and mastering techniques to help balance your life-work relationship.


"You might be overwhelmed with all the trends and information about nutrition and I am here to simplify this for you. 

You want to create lasting habits, feel physically and mentally stronger?

You want to boost your energy, mood, and confidence?

Then Nutrition Coaching is what you are looking for!"

Mara has been a great addition to the PhysicalFix Team. She comes on board with a wealth of knowledge surrounding the nutrition industry.


She has always been passionate about the role food plays on the human body, and has spent years honing her nutrition knowledge. Throughout those years she has researched and studied food and it’s interaction with the body on a cellular level.


Her love of nutrition prompted her to obtain a Nutrition Coaching certification from one of the top nutrition organizations - Precision Nutrition. With her Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification, she plans to integrate her love of nutrition with client education. She teaches her clients to understand and develop healthy eating habits for life. 


As a mom of two, she understands the rigors that go along with managing a family, trying to find time for yourself, eating clean, and staying consistent with your workouts. All without feeling overwhelmed. 



The beauty of the PhysicalFix system is that we combine fitness and nutrition.

You cannot pursue one healthy habit and neglect the other. Doing so would leave you with an imbalance in your lifestyle, making progress extremely difficult.

Personolized 1 on 1 coaching

An individualized plan to a healthier lifestyle, based on your specific diet preferences, needs and goals.

Personolized nutrition guidance. 


A 60 minute online video call each week to discuss progress & learn together.

Simple, weekly action assignments to build healthy habits.

Daily access to me for questions, motivation and inspiration.



FREE 15 minute consultation to answer your questions and see if nutrition coaching is right for you.

1 session - $50.00

4 sessions - $180.00 (one month)

12 sessions - $500.00 (three months)

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