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Ultra-athlete. Sensible coach.

Spartan Death Races. 3 times.
Not to mention countless other grueling competitions that would make the average person beg for mercy.
That's right, Josh has done 'em.
He's pushed his own mind and body to the limits in order to see exactly where those limits are.
As a Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Nutrition Coach, Josh has taken those experiences and coupled them with fitness intelligence in order to be the best coach he can be for you. Read on…

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A mindful approach to a physical challenge

APLE Method for maximum results.
Everyone is at a different starting point on their way to their best physical shape. It doesn't mean that you can't achieve your fitness goal. It just means that your path will be different than other people.
PhysicalFix understands this.
We'll take a very personalized approach to assisting you in getting the body you've always dreamed of.
You can't improve until you know exactly what needs improving. That's why we take the time to carefully assess your lifestyle, physical ability and personal goals. Only until we make an assessment can we put together a plan for your success.
Imagine attempting to build a house without a blueprint. Ridiculous, right? That's what jumping straight into a workout routine is like. Believe it or not, simply working out will not necessarily bring you the results you're looking for. We will assemble a plan specifically designed to help you achieve your goals.
We've witnessed too many people get injured in the gym because they don't know how to properly execute an exercise. We don't want that to be you! We will teach you not only the proper exercise for you, but we'll also help you learn how to do it accurately to minimize the chance for injury.
The final step in the APLE Method is to follow your personalized plan, executing each exercise with great form to help you maximize your results. This means quicker results and less time in the gym!

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“I first started working with Josh nearly 12 years ago and while I have always been an athlete and in good shape, it wasn’t until I started working with Josh that I became the fittest I had ever been. Even though we are in different time zones, I can count on him to create workouts that not only fit in my crazy work and travel schedule, but consistently kick my @$$ !  And what’s great about Josh’s workouts is they can be done at home/hotel room or in a gym. Fitness couldn’t get any easier!”

Gym trained.
Terrain tested.

Holding a degree in Sports Medicine, as well as certifications in Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, and Nutrition, Josh pairs intelligence with grit to achieve outstanding results in his own life.
Training in a gym is one thing, but taking what you've learned out into the wild is entirely another. There's a mental aspect to physical fitness that many others don't take into consideration when they train. That mental acuity and toughness are what Josh uses when personalizing routines for those seeking to getting in seriously great shape.
You don't need to chop logs and carry them for 48 hours straight, or go 24 hours with no sleep while figuring out how to stay alive in the wild.
But you could learn how to get in great shape from someone who has.

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12 hours of burpees.

If you've ever done a burpee, you know how punishing they can be. Banging out a couple dozen will bring the average person to tears.
Think about doing 4,700 of 'em. In 12 hours.
Yeah, brutal.
Josh can tell you what it took, as well as teach you how to do them effectively to create a beast of a body.

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1. The most badass exercise on the planet. Targets every muscle and improves explosiveness

You don't have to do thousands of burpees to get into the best shape of your life. With his extensive experience using many different variations of this timeless exercise, Josh can show you how you can utilize the best burpee exercise so that you can crush your workouts.

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25 ways to crush your workout with burpees!

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“I am so happy and lucky that I found Josh and his program in 2013. I was 2 years postpartum and still had so much weight to lose after gaining 60 lbs during my pregnancy. I was still at home with my daughter, and with my husband working crazy long hours, I had almost no chance of going to the gym. I needed something convenient and fairly quick to do at home, something motivating and challenging and something that wasn't boring so I'd stick with it. Josh was everything and more. Within 3 months I had lost 12 pounds, but more importantly, I felt amazing. I can say that training with Josh even from a distance just worked for me and I had reached a level of endurance and strength I never knew before. I had my second baby in 2018 and Josh got me through the pregnancy with awesome and safe workouts. I am currently on a personalized plan and can't wait to see the results. Josh is a fantastic trainer who is super knowledgeable and passionate about what he does.”

Josh is waiting to help you.

Josh's clients encompass the young and old, male and female, large and small, celebrity and average Joe (or Jane!).
Getting in great shape is not difficult, but it does take hard work.
The hardest part is usually getting started correctly.
Get started now.

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