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With the right plan every body can get fit


You may feel out of shape.
Maybe you have a specific amount of weight to lose.
Or maybe you just want to stay stronger in the later stages of your life.
Whatever your personal goals or desires are, PhysicalFix can help you attain the body you dream of having. But it's not just about physical fitness. Getting in good shape will help you mentally, emotionally and relationally.
Ask anybody who has overcome fitness challenges and they will all tell you the same thing: It has changed their lives for the better.
No, you're not broken. You just need a solution that can help you get started and keep you going.
PhysicalFix is that solution.


“PhysicalFix has really allowed me to keep up with my fitness routine. Finding time and space to workout can be difficult because I travel so much, but PhysicalFix goes wherever I go and structures the workouts to maximize the time I have. I’ve done these workouts in hotels, in my living room while my little lady is napping — I’ve even done some of these on-set between shoots. PhysicalFix really is perfect for me! They’ve kept me looking and feeling good; so, thanks Pfix team!”

Tiffani Thiessen, Actress


“I’ve been training with Josh for a few years now. What I love about his training methods is although the sessions are challenging, I’m never bored and always feel like I got such a great workout! I’ve gained tons of strength, endurance and energy! Tightened and toned and lost stubborn fat that I just couldn’t seem to lose on my own.”

Francisca Dennis, Actress


Getting skinny is one thing.
Getting fit is entirely another.
But hey, no judgement here.
We want to know what kind of shape you want to be in.

The point is, losing weight is just a part of a great overall fitness plan.

And it doesn't have to stop there. Shedding unwanted pounds is a great feeling, no doubt.

But how about taking it to a whole new level?
We can help you become a stronger, fitter version of yourself.

You can achieve it with the right plan. A plan customized for you from PhysicalFix.



Everybody is different. Every body is different. That's why we approach every person according to their own unique needs, goals, and desires. Cookie-cutter plans don't work for everyone. Only a truly personalized plan will help you get the body of your dreams. A plan that takes into account not only your physical traits, like height, weight and body mass but also things like your lifestyle, abilities and personal goals. At PhysicalFix, personalized plans are what we do. Get in touch with us and let us build you a plan to attain the body you desire.


“I first started working with Josh nearly 12 years ago and while I have always been an athlete and in good shape, it wasn’t until I started working with Josh that I became the fittest I had ever been. Even though we are in different time zones, I can count on him to create workouts that not only fit in my crazy work and travel schedule, but consistently kick my @$$ !  And what’s great about Josh’s workouts is they can be done at home/hotel room or in a gym. Fitness couldn’t get any easier!”

Karen S.


“I am so happy and lucky that I found Josh and his program in 2013. I was 2 years postpartum and still had so much weight to lose after gaining 60 lbs during my pregnancy. I was still at home with my daughter, and with my husband working crazy long hours, I had almost no chance of going to the gym. I needed something convenient and fairly quick to do at home, something motivating and challenging and something that wasn't boring so I'd stick with it. Josh was everything and more. Within 3 months I had lost 12 pounds, but more importantly, I felt amazing. I can say that training with Josh even from a distance just worked for me and I had reached a level of endurance and strength I never knew before. I had my second baby in 2018 and Josh got me through the pregnancy with awesome and safe workouts. I am currently on a personalized plan and can't wait to see the results. Josh is a fantastic trainer who is super knowledgeable and passionate about what he does.”

Mara J.


If you're thinking, "I've had enough! I gotta get in shape!"
Take a breath.
Josh is here to help. He takes the fear and uncertainty out of getting physically fit.
With his simple APLE Method of helping people with their fitness goals, Josh has helped many others attain the body they've always wanted.
He can help you too.

Get Josh’s Top 10 Workout Secrets!
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