You’ve put it off long enough.

Okay, so you've come this far. You're obviously serious about wanting to get your best body.
The only real difficult part is taking that first step!
Don't put it off another day, which usually turns into another year, and another, and another…
Start with a simple call and you'll feel better instantly knowing you're doing what most people will not do.
Most will only think about getting in great shape, but never do. You're one of the few who will actually do it. Call Josh today and let him help you like he's done for so many others.

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You can do it.   Call Josh.

Aside from his certifications and larger-than-life achievements in physical fitness, Josh is an encourager, a listener, and a good fitness friend.
When you need someone to be accountable to, Josh will be your coach.
When you think you can't do it, he will tell you that you can.
When you're thinking about quitting, (we all do now and then!) he will point to the progress you've made and paint you a picture of what you can achieve.

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“I have been training with Josh for 20 years. He has tremendous knowledge, is a great motivator, and curates challenging and fun workouts. I have trained with him for races, competitions, and through injuries and two pregnancies. He is creative and flexible and is always looking to expand his knowledge base. I have not met another trainer who is better. My friends and family have worked with him and have also had great experiences. He is also a great person who I look forward to seeing each workout. If you are looking to make a material difference in your body and your overall health and well being, look no further. Josh is the best.”

15-minutes to the body you deserve.

It’s time to get the body you’ve always wanted.
The only thing standing in your way is a friendly conversation between you and a coach who will help you get your best body.
One 15-minute phone call will be the hardest, and greatest decision you've made for your health.
Josh wants to help you but you have to make the first move and give him a call.
Don't put it off another minute. Invest 15 minutes into learning how you can get the body you've daydreamed about.

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“I have been training with Josh for just over 12 years now. Throughout that time I have seen significant results! My weight has come down, my percentage body fat is the lowest it's been in 20 years, and I feel 10 years younger than I am! His attention to detail keeps my workouts safe, his methodology keeps my workouts fun, and his knowledge and expertise keep my workouts effective. In a nutshell, Josh has me as a client forever!”

Not sure how to start? Josh will help.

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